Building & Facade Inspections

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave the USA  a “D” for infrastructure. Facade Inspections play a crucial role in identifying if buildings are up to code to ensure the safety of major cities and their citizens.


In the US, 12 major cities have mandatory building facade inspections program ranging in frequency from 2 to 5 years by law. If buildings are not accurately and frequency inspected they become dangerously deteriorated and an imminent threat to the pedestrians and building tenants who occupy them.  

Y Bird Airways Solution:

Our Y Bird Facade solution system uses drones & robotics to help our partners with your entire building project. Architects, Engineers, and Building Managers can now leverage Y Birds to help conduct facade inspections, collecting the facade data more efficiently and providing accurate building data.

Engineering Firms:

Architectural & Engineers firms with certified inspectors can assist the Building Owners & Managers in conducting facade inspections with the traditional tools and services available. These current methods include scaffolding, scaling the building via harness, and visually inspecting with binoculars from the sidewalk. While these methods help Certified Engineers, they are still limited in understanding the status of the building.

  • Scaffolding can take several months from obtaining permits to completing inspection with visual limits.

  • Rappelling from the top of the building provides detailed close up of the facade but in limited areas leaving many building sections unchecked.

  • Binoculars increase the scope of the human eye but do not provide insights from all angles (ex: top down).

Today’s methods to collect building data for inspection creates hurdles for Engineers when providing accurate renovation plans. Inspectors are forced to rely on limited data to annotate problems and write a reconstruction report for the building manager.

Building Managers & Owners:

If buildings are not accurately inspected and maintained, Building Owners and Building Managers are first to be held accountable for safety concerns and liability. Lack of accurate and frequent building inspections become a time consuming problem in which small unidentified facade issues multiply in magnitude to become very costly. Building owners in turn rely on their Engineering partnerships to ensure their building are up to date and accurately estimating how much it will cost to make renovations & restorations.