Construction Management


We can help you manage your construction site with aerial photographs and mapping. Our customers leverage our best in-market UAS and on-site pilots to assist with managing any job site.

Customer benefits of working with Y Bird Airways include:

  • Oversee job progress from start to finish with High Res Scan & HD 3D Modeling

  • Best in market UAVs (high resolution via 36 megapixel camera)

  • Measurement of specific site progress via Geo-referenced coordinates

  • On-site pilot with full service weekly & monthly reports available

Job Site Inspections

Our UAV collect aerial data and our post processing team convert thousands of high resolution photographs into a 3D model that can be transfigured for any of your BIM software. This allows you to manage progress, improve planning, control quality, and manage assets.

With this model you can make acquired measurements, change the textures, and send it to any team member who is involved in the project. We conduct these surveys at a fraction of the time, all while remaining noninvasive to the construction site.